To celebrate this year’s Pet Owners’ Day today, April 18, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of our team members’ furry family members!

Allie and Jamies are my dogs.  Allie is a Boston terrier, Daschund, and Pit-mix.  She is female and 4 years old.  Jameis is a black lab and pit mix (we think…dna results pending).  He is a male and is only 1.  Allie is ferocious and stands her ground.  Jameis is a sissy and thinks he is a lap dog.  They play and fight all day long, but at the end of the day, Jameis feels he must lay near his sister and touch her in some way….regardless if he is laying on her or not

Tabatha's pets

by Tabatha Anderson

 Zeke is an 8 year old black lab

  • Favorite exercise – Swimming and life-guarding in our pool
  • Favorite food – Starbucks pup cup and clementines (he peels it himself if you start it, but he doesn’t eat the peel)
  • Favorite activity – riding in the car

Tara's pet

by Tara Morse

 Layla is my dog’s name and here are some facts about her:

Steph's dog

  • Layla and our son Malachy (one years old) share treats quite often before we can even get a glimpse of what is happening the two of them have shared a cookie or even part of a hot dog. They have become best friends this way.
  • She is a terrier but can jump any fence you put in front of her. We have half an acre of a fenced in yard and if we do not watch her she finds a way to jump it or escape.
  • Layla is named after the song Layla by Eric Clapton and I used to think the words were baba not Layla so it became a running joke.

Steph layla

 by Stephanie Sponsel

Three facts about my dog Sally:

She found us when she was a puppy. I had opened the front door and she jumped on the front step and came right in.

Our daughter named her Sally and our son named her Pup when they were 6 and 4 years old.

She loves to lay on her back with her feet in the air and have her belly rubbed.

Sally Szentes

by Elizabeth Szentes



I have two pets, dogs.  Max, a black Giant Schnauzer, and Sally, an American Eskimo Mix


Stacy final doggie

  1. A photo of him was selected to represent his breed standard for a purebred dog’s website
  2. He broke my nose when he was six months old
  3. He can turn the bathtub water on by himself (but never OFF)




  1. Showed up at my house as a stray the day my Mastiff died
  2. Came to us fully trained, AND knows tricks, and has very good manners
  3. She is hands down the most joyous soul I have ever encountered

by Stacy Williams

These are our fur babies.  Cooper is the bigger dog.  He is 7 years old Schnoddle. He is a loves to be on the look-out for rabbits.

The smaller dog is Daisy. She is a Cairnpoo and is 6 years old.  She loves to eat and just hang out.  They both love to take walks but Daisy usually has to be carried home.


by Sheryl Todd

Our dogs are Bailey (tan one) and Dixie (black one) hoping something will fall from the dinner table.


  • My kids have taken them through 8 (Bailey) and 7 (Dixie) years of 4H
  • They both have won Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion several times in Agility at the Johnson County Fair.
  • They like to herd the geese in the back yard

by Stephen Bard

Copper is a boxweiler. Boxer + Rottweiler +??
He is 11.5 years old
My daughter Hannah adopted Copper from a shelter. He was only 6lbs at a few weeks old on 10/1/2005. He now weighs 135lbs.
He does not mind birds, squirrels, rabbits or ducks in the 3 acre yard. He does not allow geese, coyotes, foxes, groundhogs or moles.


by Kathy Rollins


Callie is a rescue dog of uncertain heritage suspected of being mostly a giant Schnauzer and a little bit of something passing through the neighborhood.  Diane

She has learned to open doors and will let herself in and out of the house.

She prefers to lay on the sofa and will push a pillow under her head when time fora nap.

She likes to shake hands and give a “high five”, especially if she thinks it will get her a treat.

by Diane Walton

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakenedAnatole France.