Summer in Michigan brings us out of months of hibernation from the cold and snow. We have spent long months in freezing temperatures and navigating on slick roads. I must admit that winter has its own merits, such as cozy chats by a warm fire, ice skating, skiing, sledding, and, of course, Christmas. However, the gradual return to summer is always a welcome transition. Not only is the weather changing, so are our habits, activity levels, and psychological outlooks. I can compare these changes to the garden in my family’s backyard. As the ground began to thaw and sunshine lightened the days, I discovered just how overridden with weeds our garden was.

BS one

Similarly to the garden’s congested and overgrown state, this is how I feel emerging from winter. After being primarily cooped up indoors for several months, many of us feel claustrophobic and run down by the time winter is fading away. It is almost as if the sun illuminates what has built up over the winter months.

This is motivation to begin “weeding out” the junk and feeling of being “stuck” that may have begun to build up over winter. This might be the stereotypical spring cleaning. However, it can be more than just cleaning out your home! Perhaps it is time to get rid of negative energy or feelings of lethargy. Starting to weed out that negative energy opens up so much space in the garden of your life!

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After the “weeding” is accomplished, I am reinvigorated to tackle projects that have been put to the side and re-prioritize my health and activity levels. It is time to “plant” positive energy and activity back into my life, just as we planted tomatoes and other veggies in the garden!

BS three


For me, the beginning of summer often marks the start of a fresh time of year. Who knows, after investing in positive energy and activities, maybe you will even receive a bountiful harvest. Just look at these beautiful chives we already got out of our backyard. As we find ourselves here today on the first day of summer, I would challenge you to find your garden this summer: your place to invest time and energy and create something positive!

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