The Annual Medicaid Enterprise System Conference (MESC) brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors from around the country to share ideas and host workshops related to Medicaid systems and initiatives. This year we are in the process of certification with the State of Indiana and were looking forward to some exciting sessions on certification and updates to the certification toolkit.  CMS recently released MECT 2.2 Toolkit which included additional guidance on criteria and removed certain criteria altogether.  Due to this, one of the sessions on the 2017 agenda “Get Your Certification on Track: Hands on Exposure to the Roles and Responsibilities for States, IV&V, and CMS” was sure to have a lot of interest from a variety of stakeholders.

netlogx has filled speaking roles within sessions at the MESC every year since 2012, our first year of attending the conference. We have also been represented by moderators each year since 2015 and 2017 was no different with Phil Canada and Faye Makishima both speaking in addition to Faye moderating two sessions. The MESC continues to present an opportunity for netlogx to increase its brand presence and recognition as an industry leader in Medicaid processes.

Faye’s first presentation as a moderator and speaker this year dealt with the history of Medicaid and would certainly have attracted new professionals looking to expand their knowledge of the Medicaid system. Later in the week, Faye moderated a session outlining certification, something that netlogx is currently undertaking in the State of Indiana. Phil was a speaker discussing the Medicaid Enterprise Certification Lifecycle. In addition to having speakers in multiple sessions, netlogx again had a booth that was staffed to further engage and network with government and private-sector Medicaid clients and partners, both present and future. With speakers in the different sessions representing 32 state governments, the District of Columbia, and numerous private contractors, MESC offers an opportunity to secure new business in areas that netlogx currently has no established influence.

Since 2012, MESC has posted PowerPoint presentations on their website at In addition, they have biographies for all speakers and for the corporate sponsors. It offers a good opportunity to look back at the past sessions where Audrey Taylor (2012-2014), Nick Taylor (2012-2013), Barbara Zenor (2012), Phil Canada (2012, 2014, 2016), Tara Morse (2014-2015), and Faye Makishima (2015-2016) have participated.