MESC 2017 1

It was finally upon us; MESC 2017.  All the hard work that our netlogx team put into planning and organizing was about to be showcased, as well as a new booth!  A few years back, I worked with netlogx team members on the planning stages; it is no easy task.  I was happy that I was selected to attend this year, however, did not anticipate the magnitude of the conference.

After a weekend of anxiety, I made it to the airport, found my shuttle, made it to the hotel, and checked in.  SUCCESS!

The four (4) of us (Faye, Tara, Phil, and myself) got together Monday night to attend the Molina Kick-off party at Camden Yards, home to the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team.  Prime rib, make your own mac and cheese buffet, cake, and beverages……What a nice welcome!

Tuesday morning it was time to set up the booth!   Faye had a session to attend, so Phil, Tara, and myself made a valiant attempt.  That too was a success.  Only minor tweaks were needed.

MESC 2017 2

The week continued with hourly sessions (a plethora of knowledge being thrown at you and countless hours of sitting).  To no surprise, the information received was well worth it.  Faye and Phil both presented at separate sessions, sharing their experiences on different subjects.

Friday, the booth was dismantled and the conference was complete.  I have checked out of the hotel, taken the shuttle back to the airport, and was delayed to my return home due to mechanical failure, weather, and the need for a new pilot.  Nonetheless, I arrived safely.