As I reflect on the conclusion of the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) for 2017, it has been another success.  Although our staff submitted abstracts for the conference, we were not selected to present our material.  However, our work was still acknowledged through a session that I was asked to moderate.

Every year, I volunteer to moderate a session.  I consider this my contribution to the conference, working behind the scenes.  Generally, this requires that I work with the presenters in advance to help them consolidate their material and then have a small speaking part, introducing the topic and the presentation team.

This year, I was selected to be one of five moderators who would work with a larger team of speakers to put on three (3) hour training sessions the day before the official launch of the conference.  During the initial meeting, Elena Nicollela, the Executive Director of the New England States Consortium Systems Organization (NESCSO) and Rick Friedman, retired CMS Director of the Division of State Systems, asked the moderators to help them develop curriculum to address various Medicaid topics.  My assignment was to lead the team, preparing and presenting the Medicaid 101 curriculum.

Fortunately, our netlogx team has current Medicaid and HHS training material that we developed for the State of Michigan.  I was able to share this material in advance, with both Elena and Rick, to determine if the work we had done in Michigan was the type of training they had envisioned.  Rick Friedman confirmed that our work in Michigan was very good and identified the portions of our training that were most applicable to his vision of this inaugural Medicaid 101 training.

While working with different groups of speakers to assemble the Medicaid 101 training, I used the netlogx training materials to guide the group in developing a well-rounded training for public and private sector participants new to Medicaid.

So, even though I’m always the moderator, and never the presenter, it was an honor to be included in a cutting-edge program for the MESC.  It was also a privilege to work side by side with highly esteemed members of the Medicaid community.   For our netlogx team, the praise we received from Rick Friedman was definitely a pat on the back for a job well done!