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Interview with Shameem Zia, Consultant

What brings you joy?

Hanging out and spending time with my family and friends.

What are you most afraid of?

Losing my family.

What would you like to learn?

How to play the piano. That is something I’ve always wanted to do; I just haven’t found the time.

Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration is pretty much any woman who can balance out their work and home life, any strong and  independent woman. It inspires me when I see that they get what they want both in their career and personal life.

If you could talk to your teenage self, what would you say?

Take things easy and everything will turn out for the best.

What is your favorite book or movie and why?

It is a Hindi movie – kabhi kushi kabhi gham, ‘Sometimes Happiness, Sometimes Sadness’.  It is one of my all-time favorite movies which is very much about family and values. I’m family-oriented and it is close to my heart. It is about doing the best for your parents.

What have you, or would you, write on the netlogx Before I Die wall?

Travel the world.

What does State government mean to you?

State government is an institution which works to serve and meet the needs of its local residents. 

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