I was talking to a friend last week about my crazy life and had a little a-ha moment in that I’ve truly learned to:

  • Ask for help
  • Delegate
  • Trust others will get it done

It is these changes that allow me to manage what would otherwise appear to be a truly ridiculous schedule. As we all do I balance many roles; wife, mom/mum, daughter, sister, mentor, friend, knitter, avid reader, 2017 Women and Hi Tech (W&HT) President, CEO, consultant and of course personal time for me, Audrey Taylor.  I want to be clear I am not writing this blog to “tout” my accomplishments. My reason for writing it is to share with others how it truly takes a village for me to be successful wearing the many hats I wear, and finding your village and allowing them to help you will free you up, too.

I am no different than other busy woman as I try to pack as much as I can into each week. I do try to be intentional about the meetings and events I give my time to each week. Wisdom came late to me realizing if I am investing time to go to an event or meeting I should be purposeful in ensuring I leave time to be open to networking and actively seeking opportunities to grow as individual all while being true to myself. At the end of each week, my goal is to review, reflect and evaluate the activities of the prior week and look at what I want to achieve in the activities of the upcoming week.

The life of a CEO has many perks and benefits. Gratitude for all this affords comes easily to me. Quoting Spiderman with “great power comes great responsibility” and leading and maintaining a successful business requires lots of time and energy.  Thankfully, in Nick Taylor, I have a supportive husband and business partner who is my biggest cheerleader. He’s been a HeForShe before the tag existed.  And he not only cooks dinner at night, acted as the school taxi service and is an active billable consultant while managing our netlogx outreach program! Most importantly each morning he brings me a cup of hot tea to jump start my day – I am not a morning person.

Having been raised inside a family owned business, my two sons have both grown up with me as a CEO and love to watch people’s reactions when told that I am “dad’s boss”.  My youngest son, recently challenged me.  I was considering not attending an event where the purpose was to encourage fellow women business owners.  He pointed out that I’m a role model and by showing up I could encourage someone to take their next step in their future.

To paraphrase a well-known commercial “There’s some things money can’t buy and family support is priceless”. Thank you for loving/living my crazy life Nick, Tom and Harry.

My next piece of wisdom was forced on me by my team and our board of advisors that I needed an executive assistant. Since there is no average day for me.  And my schedule is fluid as there’s a never-ending and always-changing list of things that must be done during the work day.  My executive assistant, Elizabeth Szentes, seamlessly makes my day go smooth and works hard to keep me on time and task. This again is an investment that pays since by being on time and focused I no longer am “wasting” other people’s time by running late!

Certainly, CEO life involves compromises. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the many times my fellow team members jump in to help me move the netlogx business initiatives forward. They are very understanding when meetings are re-arranged whether it be from F2F to a call or the time is changed. Also, they are willing to step in and assist at a moment’s notice.

So, how do I recharge myself and unwind?  All I need is a book.  I have always loved to escape into the new world each book represents!  As you see I strive to deliberately make myself available to family, team members, clients, and fellow business owners plus leave time for myself. Availability is not an even distribution but planning a weekly goal to identify what success looks like this week helps me focus on the bigger picture!

Please share your thoughts and ideas on what works for you – I’m lifelong learner!