When I drink hot chocolate, see the snowman and hear classic Christmas songs, I know it’s officially winter. Thursday, December 21st is the first day of winter this year, which means it’s the day with the fewest hours of sunlight for the whole year, also known as the winter solstice. The word solstice, which means the sun has stopped moving, comes from the Latin solstitium, from sol meaning ‘sun’ and stit– meaning ‘stopped, stationary’.

Why does our planet Earth have seasons? It is because the planet is tilted, which causes the impact of the light from the sun to change throughout the year for different regions resulting in Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn and Winter.

Winter calls for celebrations of holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s! It’s a time for everyone to get together with family, appreciate one another, and to make resolutions for the year ahead. While presenting gifts to our loved ones, it’s important to not forget to present toys and the necessities for children and families in need. Seeing those children’s faces when they open their toys makes the holiday more special.

I love bundling up in my winter coat, with gloves and boots and feeling cozy and warm, however, I do despise winter at times of freezing temperatures. It’s the time when ice is scraped off windshields, snow is shoveled off the driveway and the search for the nearest parking spot at a grocery store is ensued.  There are times where I wish I lived in a place where summer is all year long but I know I’ll long for my hot chocolate and building a snowman.

Therefore, I do consider winter solstice a moment for celebration because from that point on, the days keep getting longer until we get back to ice cream trucks, lemonade stands, and lounging in pools or the season better known as summer.