With the new year being upon us, we are met with a number of resolutions, plans for 2018, and anticipations of things to come over the coming year. In keeping with the spirit of New Years, I would like to talk a little bit about initiative. Taking initiative on a daily basis – be it to go to the gym, to form some additional data visualizations, or to change your diet – can be one of the most beneficial life changes that one can make in order to improve not only your happiness in the workplace, but your level of happiness in your daily life.Initiative Image

To take initiative is to take an idea and run with it – being the first to act. Taking the initiative to begin a task, or being the one to start or lead it shows not only that you are a team player, but that you have the success of the project in mind. Initiative is going above and beyond the client’s expectations, delivering a service unparalleled by competition. It is recognizing a gap in a process or a service, and working to fill that gap prior to being asked to do so.

Taking the initiative to go above and beyond the client’s expectations leads not only to a better view of netlogx in the eyes of the client, but it also keeps each of us up to the standards expected of us by the company. It is to show the client some extra information, some additional variables, or some expansion of ideas that possibly hadn’t been laid-out previously.

Taking initiative is something that, when done consistently, will blend over into other aspects of life beyond the workplace. It is a refined skill, almost opposite of procrastination, that when practiced can be one of the best ways to improve yourself and your mindfulness.