According to historians, the origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced all the way back to the Romans in the 3rd century AD. Over time, this has evolved into a commercialized holiday full of the color red and a lot of candy hearts. We surveyed some netlogx team members to see what the day means to them. Although there was a mix of responses, we saw a few common themes throughout. For many, Valentine’s Day can be seen as an overrated commercialized holiday; instead many of us prefer to show our love throughout the year and in many other ways. For others, the day holds a sentimental value. It is not surprising to see that many netlogx team members value the importance of the netlogx operating principle of recognition and make efforts to treasure the special people in their life year-round and on Valentine’s Day.


Tara: I think Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday because it can make people feel lonely or left out.  So rather than being negative about it, I have chosen to highlight the people who are special to me for lots of reasons.  For example, I make a big breakfast for my kids even when it is a school day, like heart shaped pancakes and hot chocolate with red sprinkles.  I buy coffee for a co-worker, call my parents just to chat.  So, when asked if Valentine’s Day is special to me, I would say Yes – I take the love part of it and share with as many people as I can in simple ways.

Laura:  It is not important to me.  I don’t want flowers or special recognition because the other 364 days of the year my husband and I show each other our love.  We think it is a holiday made up for retailers and people that are not in a committed relationship.

Clayton:  Valentine’s Day is important to me, because it gives us the opportunity to dedicate a day to fostering an important relationship in our lives. Although it should not be the only day in which we are mindful of this type of growth, I think having the ability and opportunity to celebrate it is healthy and beneficial.

Tabatha: We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s kind of a Hallmark holiday. We have exchanged gifts occasionally in the past but don’t usually plan to.

Betty: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because I don’t like a commercialized day telling me when I should appreciate and celebrate my husband’s and my relationship/love.  For me, my anniversary is the day I make special.

Joel: Although my wife and I don’t hold each other accountable for any gifts or anything, we usually make a point to have a nice dinner and/or movie.

Brian: We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. As I tell my wife, I don’t need a Hallmark holiday to let her know I love her.

Niquita: Valentine’s Day to some may be a very special day because it’s a day to show feelings towards your loved ones but to others like myself it may just be another day. To me it’s a day like any other because I show my feelings toward my loved ones throughout the year. I believe everyday should be special not just crammed all into one day. However, I can find the positive in all things, so I still think Valentine’s Day is important. Mostly for those who believe in it because some look forward to it and for some that’s all they have; especially if they are not shown throughout the year. It gives people a day to show their love in a variety of ways whether it be sending flowers, chocolates, sing-o-grams, etc. Some people view it as a waste of money but the joy it brings to the special person on the receiving end should make it all worth it because who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Something as simple as a flower, a card, or a surprise lunch, dinner can mean so much to a person so in actuality the money isn’t a waste because it puts a smile on the face of a loved one.

It’s a day to spend time making arts and crafts if you have wee ones for their class. It’s also a great time to bond and come up with ideas on how to show one another how we feel about each other. It’s great for stimulating the economy because it generates record breaking sales in numerous fields like the flower and chocolate industries as well as legal because of the calls or online searches to divorce attorneys from individuals looking for advice (I told you I can find the good in everything). At the end of the day it’s “the lovers” holiday and a day to be happy, express love, and receive love as well as share it with the people you love and care about.

Tim:  Valentine’s Day, although a Hallmark made up holiday to sell pieces of folded paper, is wonderful! As my wise mother refers to any of these fake holidays, provides us with an additional opportunity to appreciate those we love. Thanks, mom.

Beth: Similar to the other feedback, in general, we do not celebrate Valentine’s day.  It’s a commercialized holiday, that we don’t have the time nor inclination to celebrate.  My husband and I enjoy being together every day (except when we drive each other crazy) and can celebrate whenever we feel like it. 🙂

Bridget: Ever since I was little, my mom and dad have made Valentine’s Day special by giving cards to my four siblings and me. My mom makes especially elaborate handmade heart shaped cards which are really a work of art! Although the commercialization of Valentine’s Day is annoying, I try to keep a positive outlook on the day and use it as an opportunity to do something special for my loved ones: family, partner, and friends.

Diane: I’ve always been partial to Valentine’s Day.  From earliest memories I’ve had a fondness for the heart shape which may stem from my mom baking heart-shaped cherry chip birthday cakes with pink icing for me as a young girl.  I also confess to being a romantic at heart and Valentine’s Day is the traditional day for expressing sentiments of love and romance. Regardless, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because of the abundance of heart-themed items I can find, symbolizing feelings of love and happiness for me.

Kevin:  We don’t really do Valentine’s Day at our house.  Our anniversary is just 2 weeks after. The Mrs. would rather spend the money on ‘our’ time, not because Hallmark said we should. 🙂 … which is fine by me. I came up with this dopey tradition of giving her a rose for every year we’ve been married.  I’ll be up to 21 roses this year.  I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage when it’s our 30th.

Andrew:  I’ve only been in a relationship for one Valentine’s Day.  The holiday has never meant much to me, although the Outback Steakhouse meal we shared was delicious!


As you can see by the variety of responses, we all have unique ways of celebrating this holiday (for those who consider it one), but most share the positive message of finding ways to express our appreciation and love for others.  With that being said, no matter how you want to do it, take this as a reminder to recognize your loved ones!