Many of us take for granted that when we are sick, we can visit our doctor, a medical clinic, or a hospital and not worry too much about the cost of treatment because we carry healthcare insurance. But what about those children and adults who cannot afford healthcare insurance? Many go without being treated by a medical professional, which could result in long-term poor health outcomes.

For the past seven decades, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) mission has been to foster universal health coverage for all.  WHO celebrates its annual World Health Day on April 7 to promote global health awareness.

netlogx is committed through our work with multiple healthcare organizations in Indiana and throughout the U.S. to assist them in better serving their customers and, in many cases, enhancing patient access. How we do that is to improve their delivery systems to operate more efficiently and to protect patient data from being unlawfully accessed.

While we are not healthcare clinicians, our expertise lies in information risk management.  It’s our job to offer consulting expertise to help to modernize business processes to allow these organizations to provide enhanced medical care, increased patient access, and more efficient claims processing to name a few of the outcomes.

We provide our consulting services to both the public and private healthcare sectors.  netlogx has been heavily involved from the beginning of the Indiana Family and Social Services Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) $600 million replacement initiative. This multi-year systems upgrade project is to better align newer technologies across the State’s health and social services programs to improve services.

Medicaid is a federal public assistance program that offers medical and medically related services to low-income women, children, elderly people and individuals with disabilities. About 1.5 million people in Indiana are enrolled in the state’s Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

In the private healthcare sector, netlogx has also been instrumental in working with large hospital and healthcare organizations, national insurance providers, and healthcare revenue cycle and practice management companies. Our consultants have helped to mitigate negative impacts on these businesses, its clients and payers.

Access to quality healthcare services is a basic human need that should continue to be improved upon throughout the world. At netlogx, we endeavor to live by our Operating Principles, one being integrity; to adhere to high moral principles and professional standards.  We hope that our work in the healthcare arena is helping to make a difference. #HealthForAll