For someone who loves to travel it has to be said that Audrey has a dreadful sense of direction. So, it’s always exciting when she announces that we are about to go on a trip! It was like this with my Christmas present. She bought me tickets to see Eddie Izzard in Knoxville, Tennessee. She said, it’s just a few hours away and we can stay over for a couple of days.

In point of fact it is 5 plus hours away and there are some really tricky bits of highway, especially when it rains and it’s dark and it’s been raining for days and days and days.  And it was, and it had. We had rain all the way to the Cumberland Gap and then it just turned into a winter monsoon. There were crashes every couple of miles all the way into Knoxville.

By the time we got to Knoxville we were ready for a nice dinner and a relaxing evening. Things really started picking up. The Hotel Tennessean was excellent, and the staff were outstanding.  Of course, for many people the Bourbon Whiskey is a highlight of any visit to Tennessee and so it was with Audrey. She had never really tasted it before and, when the waiter presented her with a choice that he was especially proud to be in possession of, she looked like a loony tunes character as the steam shot out of her ears as she tasted it!

The next day we set off to investigate Knoxville and we were soon wading around the results of the previous weeks’ worth of downpour.  So, here’s a few Knoxville facts:

It hosted a world fair!

It has a football stadium that you could put a smaller city inside!

It has a lot of trains and they are often very long!

It’s really quite hilly!

Some parts of the city are spotless, but some are dreadfully dirty.

We got wet again!

In the evening we set off to find the Tennessean Theater.  It was about a 20-minute walk through a really lovely old town center.  The theater was magnificent and lovingly restored to its former glories.

Eddie was brilliant, and he shared his life’s history in a kind and loving way.  It was a great show and a wonderful evening.

The drive back was a great deal better. It didn’t rain.