“National Something on a Stick Day,” is officially celebrated on March 28.  However, we challenge you to celebrate food and life…on a stick, of course each and every day.  Since stick food is street food, it’s a great opportunity to get outdoors and embrace the change of seasons.

So, in typical netlogx fashion, we’ve come up with a menu to help you and yours celebrate “National Something on a Stick Day” all year long. Because we’re committed to the health and wellness of our stakeholders, we’re keeping the focus on healthy stick food. Sorry, corn dog fans.


Keeping with tradition, we’re going to start with a salad. In this case, it’s a unique treat from the Mediterranean…the antipasto skewer. This Greek Island-inspired creation is easy to make and the perfect introductory course for just about occasion, special day or not. It starts with grape tomatoes, basil leaves, Kalamata olives, and some sort of meat…preferably a Calabrese salami. Many recipes include a pasta such as cheese tortellini. If so, you’ll need to boil them but keep them al dente (firm) so that they take to the sticks. You’ll also need sticks. Don’t forget the sticks.

For our main course, our focus is on Japan and Yakitori. If you’ve never had this national delicacy, you’re in for a real treat. Yakitori is skewered chicken barbequed to perfection over an open charcoal flame. It’s the sauces and seasonings that give it a special, unique flavor. Yakitori is typically seasoned only with salt or with a special salty-sweet sauce called tare. If you want to be creative, pick your poison. Just about anything from cayenne pepper to wasabi will work. Be sure to make enough for you and your hungry friends.


No meal is complete without desert and when it comes to desert on a stick nothing holds a candle to the All-American popsicle (except maybe cocktails on a stick).   As with just about everything other type of food, desert on a stick has gone upscale. You’re no longer limited to orange, grape or cherry. If you’re If you want to indulge your creative side, consider Mexican-inspired paletas in exotic flavors like mango or guava.

Well, that’s it…the end of our perfect netlogx healthy foodie on a stick day.  We hope you enjoy celebrating food on a stick throughout the year.  If so, share your recipe ideas with us @netlogxteam!