Being able to attend netlogx Day at the Track event and watching the 35 race car drivers practice for the Indy 500 was a fun and exciting experience. From networking to captivating conversations, my time in the suite was work and play. I would like to thank netlogx for giving me the opportunity to meet and speak with such amazing people.

In the suite, I was able to network with some of the women from Women & Hi Tech. Meeting the previous and future president and conversing with other board members who are amazing women was entertaining and educational. All the ladies were lively and engaging. I look forward to being able to meet them again and joining Women & Hi Tech.

Also, in the suite was Audrey’s good friend, and my previous boss, Cookie Shelton. It was a delight to catch up with Cookie and tell her how I have been since my time at Cookie Cutters where I was a receptionist for the majority of my junior year in high school. We talked about how the current receptionist, and one of my friends, was going to join me at Indiana University.  I also networked with her and shared who I thought would be a good replacement for my friend when she leaves for IU.

I was also able to hear Nick Petrone and his friend, Kimble Richardson, reminisce on the “good ole days” from their times at Indiana University. Not only was I able to speak with Mr. Richardson, I also connected him with one of my good friends who is interested in his field of work.

AS 1

As well as meeting fellow netlogx team members, another person I was able to meet was Pippa Mann. When she came in to speak with all of us in the suite, I expected just a couple quick questions and a few pictures for the kids. I was pleasantly surprised how in-depth her answers were to all the questions asked and how sincere she was during the entire meet and greet. I could see why netlogx picked Pippa to sponsor, besides the British woman connection between her and Audrey. Although Pippa was unfortunately not able to advance to the Indy 500, she engraved a positive impression on me along with her determination to succeed as a woman in male-dominated world of Indy Car Racing.


As part of being in a suite, we were able to tour the garage and pit areas of the Indy race car drivers. As I was walking around with fellow netlogx team members, Sara Jones and I had our picture taken with Sage Karam in front of his garage. Also, we headed to the pit area and watched Pippa and her team tweak and adjust her car #63 as she practiced for qualifications. The was my first time to be at the track.  I am hooked as a race fan and looking forward to attending my first Indianapolis 500 with my family. Here’s to a safe and exciting 102nd running of the Indy 500!