Alabama is where we set up off in our RV for Spring Break. We had it loaded down to the gills; not another item would have fit into it. Venice, our 10-year-old daughter, brought a friend with her this trip. Our family of five became six and off were and off we headed from Indiana to Alabama.  Both parents and kids could not have been more excited about our trip. This was our youngest son, Landon’s first time at the beach.  And it was nearly the same timeframe that Malachy, our oldest son had experienced the beach; at about six months old. We also heard that Gulf Shores was a place that people fell in love with and often never left.

Driving along to AL we made a few stops for gas.  We thought it would be a great idea to stretch our legs and eat at the food places attached to the gas stations.  However, this experience for us turned out to be disastrous.  Malachy wanted to run and sitting down became more of a chore than it was worth. So, we resumed our trek and were back on the road swiftly.  Once again, I became very familiar with Shrek, Sing, Toy Story and Moana playing in the background. Luckily for us, we had the smarts to install a TV and DVD player.  This allowed the kids to lounge on the couch or the floor and watch TV for our 12+ hour long RV excursion.Finally, we made it to Docs RV. Right away the girls were out of the RV and chomping at the bit to head to the pool.  Bobby and I couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoy the pool while watching the girls swim.  However, after a few short minutes, we were in the pool with our two boys.

SS montage

The beach in Gulf Shores is precisely what you see in pictures or imagine. The sand is so white. It almost hurts to look at it while the sun shines on it and the water is crystal clear. Now, keep that image in mind but remember we were walking four kids down the beach with five beach chairs, a baby seat, a wagon full of towels, snacks, massive amounts of sunscreen, a tent and a large cooler. I am sure it was a sight to see. While Bobby was parking the car the first day, I was trying to figure out the new tent that we bought for the beach. Supposedly one person was able to set it up on their own, and it should take less than one minute.  Well, I was about 7 minutes into process.  It still wasn’t set up and I kept thinking where could Bobby be?  It is taking far too long to park the car.  And at about that time, I realize Malachy has run off.  I say to Venice, “Please watch your brother while I try to get this tent set-up.”  This was pretty much a repeat of the whole week.  But once we were able to sit down, then everyone had a blast. The weather was terrific all week. We would head to the beach around Noon and head back to the pool around three so that Malachy could catch a nap.

I try not to take these memories for granted. The RV rides may be chaotic, but there are lots of giggle and small sleeping faces in the back.  As well as, lots of laughs and smiles while running around at the beach and jumping into the pool.  In a blink of an eye, I imagine the kids one day will not enjoy the RV rides and dread spending a whole week with Mom and Dad. Until then we will soak up these vacations and try to make sure our kids experience everything possible that fuels the soul of a spring break vacation at the pool/beach.

June will be our next adventure so until then I will laugh at our experiences and wait to plan our future trip.