Take a picture. Check emails. Text the person you are meeting for coffee you are stuck in traffic and will be a few minutes late.

The commonality of these actions: you can do all of them on your phone.

The use of phones has evolved since Alexander Graham Bell’s version of the telephone. Landlines, to flip phones with the keyboard not on the screen, to iPhones with face recognition passcodes. As the physical phone itself has changed, so has the purpose and usage of the phone. In addition, the exterior of the phone has been altered.

Phones are no longer solely for conversing with the other person on the line, but for work and personal uses, too. In fact, some people even have two separate phones – one for work and the other for personal use.

Even though different generations with different technology backgrounds have smart phones, the personal uses each generation uses them for is not too different. Grandparents have social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram.  This way they can see what their grandchildren are doing or how college life is treating them. Besides, fun and constant updating on social media, there are other reasons how smart phones are important in a personal way.

An important application that makes smart phones important to one’s personal life is UberConference. At netlogx this is a popular tool we use for conference calls.  However, the more popular app called Uber is used to connect driver-partners and riders. In cities where Uber operates, use your rider app to request a ride.  As Indianapolis continues to grow in the downtown area, it is a great way to get a ride to and from work. This simple app that connects supply to demand is the answer to all problems. I know college students who will even Uber from IU to the airport since they do not have their own car in Indiana. What makes this possible? Your phone!

Hangouts, MojoHelpdesk, Gmail, and Google Calendar are just a few apps to keep one’s important work items on their phone. Being able to check what meetings you have for the day or to see if you can enjoy lunch with a friend by easily checking your Google Calendar app is amazing. Amazing, and important. Important to ensure you are not double scheduling yourself. Having a lunch with a friend and meeting with your boss at the same time is not the best way to make both happy. You can thank your phone for every time you were saved from a double scheduling dilemma.

Overall, phones are probably, if not, one of the most useful pieces of technology humans have created over time.  From checking the news, to seeing who just rang your doorbell, to researching your symptoms on WebDM, phones are used on a daily basis by everyone. While phones can be used for play and social media, which are trivial in the long scheme of things, phones can have important uses and provide necessary services to efficiently help you maneuver through your busy day.