Trying to explain exactly what netlogx does to family, friends, or strangers can be challenging. With so many moving parts around the netlogx core competencies, as an intern I found it tough to describe what the company, my internship is with, really does.

During my first week here at netlogx, I watched the Sam Horn TEDx Talk. Within her talk, Horn explains how to intrigue people into learning more about your company, while saying what the company provides or does. By intriguing others, Horn states that this will also help them remember who you are and what your company does.

Horn describes a situation where a CEO from a Tech Firm struggles with explaining to people what he does. This part of the TEDx Talk can be found at 10:30 in the video. Once Horn figured out that he makes the software that makes it safe for people to buy products off the internet, she told him not to just say that. Why? It stops the conversation.

Horn tells the CEO to ask a three-part question to start the conversation and intrigue the person trying to understand what you or the company does.

Part One: Have you ever…? (If this does not work go to Part Two.)

Part Two: Has a family member, a friend, or someone you know ever…?

Part Three: Link what you do to what they just said.

Personally, this three-part question concept came in very handy one night at dinner with my parents. Even though my mom has worked at netlogx for many years, my dad still had not completely grasped what netlogx really does and provides for customers and clients. Or at least he was acting like he didn’t with me after my first day.   So, I decide to try the three-part question technique.

After finally figuring out that he does know someone who has run into resource, time, IT, or money issues within a project, I went into what netlogx does to prevent these issues from occurring. I stated that netlogx provides a consulting service for various companies and organizations to ensure issues like the ones he was familiar with do not occur, especially in technology area.

Since I was able to intrigue my dad by connecting what his responses were to the three-part question technique about what netlogx does. He was able to grasp and understand the quality work and much needed services netlogx provides to our clients.  As well as, now he comprehends what the company, where both his daughter and wife work does for the organizations who are netlogx’s clients.