This summer has granted me two opportunities to visit the Pacific Northwest of our great nation.  The first was solely for pleasure spending several days exploring Big Sky, Montana and Yellow Stone National Park, both of which were insanely beautiful.  More recently, I had the benefit of visiting Portland, Oregon for the 2018 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC).

While netlogx has been attending this important event for several years, this was the first opportunity for me to participate.  Naturally, it was particularly exciting for me to attend the conference, as I knew that netlogx had developed wonderful relationships and discovered opportunities for partnerships and new business in the past.  I was delighted to have the chance to be a part of it.


The focus was evidenced by this year’s tagline of “Putting the Pieces Together to Build the Future,” which was clearly aligned with the desire that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have put forth for modularity of the Medicaid Information Management Systems.  As the Outreach Consultant representing netlogx at the MESC in attendance for netlogx, I was dedicated to our vendor booth to engage the attendees, share the netlogx story and discover the needs and hopes of those who visited.

Many exciting conversations ensued, as I discovered that there several states in the process of developing their plans for their procurement process, Independent Verification and Validation, certification, and Medicaid Information Technology Architecture.  The netlogx team was well prepared for these points of discussion, as we had developed marketing materials for attendees to take with them at the end of our conversations.  Additionally, the conference had made available scanners when used in combination with the Quick Response (QR) Codes that were on the badges of all the attendees would capture automatically the names and contact information of those who visited the booth.  There was even the ability to manually enter notes about the individual that would increase the ability to productively follow up with those individuals and address their specific needs.  When having conversations with dozens of people over the course of the conference, it is extraordinarily helpful to have a tool like this available to keep things orderly.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of positive energy that was represented at the conference.  Overall, folks were quite engaged and seemed sincerely interest in discovering new information, innovative approaches and better understanding the options available to them.  The nature of Medicaid business is one that is incredibly complex and difficult to master due to the breadth of policies, processes and technology that are tied to it.  This is further complicated by the fact that each State (and territories) has implemented their own, unique policies to best serve their citizens.  So, the yearning for knowledge and ideas were evident.  Certainly, for me, it was a tremendous learning experience and the opportunity to meet dozens of people that I would be unlikely to meet in person if not for this conference.

Perhaps, most exciting, is that upon returning from the MESC, there are a vast number of people with whom I will have the chance to engage and seek opportunities to develop meaning relationships and serve their needs and aspirations.  In turn, netlogx will be well positioned to share our expertise and excellence with our services.