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Joined by a team of netlogx team members, I recently attended the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference, also known in the industry as MESC.   The event brings together states and throughout the nation to discuss challenges, efficiencies and solutions that have been implemented over the past year.  At the netlogx booth, we were fortunate to encounter many state employees and vendor partners demonstrating their successes, seeking advice and sharing their system development challenges, successes and experiences. It was a great opportunity to learn about Medicaid systems, platforms and tools utilized to enhance Medicaid business process capabilities and to make processes more efficient for Medicaid recipients.

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The conference provided an opportunity to talk about the city of Portland too!   During the MESC event, I was told Portland was THE place for great restaurants, hiking, and biking.  In my opinion, there were more restaurants in one location than I have ever seen!  The food sampled in Portland was outstanding! From the MESC Conference breakfast and lunches, to restaurants like Jack Rabbit, La Moule, and VooDoo Doughnuts (right) the cuisine was different…not the typical meat, corn and potatoes I am used to, but staying in Portland for MESC definitely had its benefits, good food and great conversation!  In addition, we walked back and forth from our hotel to the convention center daily for the MESC networking events which enabled us time to chat with fellow conference attendees as well.

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There were many MESC sessions facilitated by states, vendor partners and CMS.  One session was formatted like the popular TV show “The Office”, which demonstrated how creative, informative and humorous a state project team can be!  A few other take-aways from the conference included:

Transformation and Governance of Medicaid Systems:  States are transforming their business processes and monolithic systems to become more efficient in serving their Medicaid populations.  Strategic goals such as streamlining or carving out processes within Monolithic systems, utilizing enterprise service bus & data warehouses for data management and reporting, and simplifying provider enrollment and credentialing to ease the burden of multiple Medicaid provider registrations and enrollments, were only a few of the topics discussed. States are utilizing the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) roadmap to support state strategic planning and are collaborating with each other to create efficiencies and reduce costs.  CMS has also replied to state requests to make the APD process more efficient and demonstrated it plans to accomplish that, so that funding requests can be processed in a timely basis for implementation of state Medicaid projects.

System Certification:  Many states are looking for support in certifying modular systems to obtain enhanced federal funding, so they stopped by the netlogx booth to chat about our procurement and certification experience.  We helped increase understanding of the scope and coordinated work effort required to obtain Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Certification.  Our prescriptive process was successfully implemented in the State of Indiana to certify its Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). So, if you did not get a chance to stop by the booth at the MESC Conference, please contact us at 317-536-6046 or via, to discuss how we can fill the gaps in meeting your strategic goals.

netlogx offers MITA SS-A visioning, roadmap development and maintenance services, full procurement management for modular system Request for Proposal (RFP), Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) and CMS Certification expertise and Project management services – We look forward to engaging in conversation about partnering or supporting your organization.