I’ve been to many conferences in my career, attending as both a vendor and a participant. But I’m a stranger in a strange land when it came to the MESC conference. Don’t get me wrong, for all intents and purposes, it appeared to be just like any other conference. One other thing, this was my first time attending an MESC.

For me, MESC was a great time to work with a great netlogx team, learn and grow, meet people, eat some really good food and have a little fun. Let me elaborate a bit more on each of those.

Great netlogx Team: I had the privilege to work next to Audrey Taylor, the CEO of netlogx, who provided great leadership and a wealth of knowledge. What a treat to be able to chat about both business and a bit about herself. Nick Petrone did a great job of building relationships and communicating with our current and potential clients on how netlogx can assist them. Additionally, he spoke with many of the vendors seeking opportunities for win-win partnerships. Laura Shanahan and Andrew Powers demonstrated a wealth of knowledge as the netlogx Certification SMEs. What a privilege it was to work with such talented individuals.

Learn and grow: I love technology and was able to attend some eye-opening sessions around how some states are using them and how vendors are providing them. To me, the focus for some vendors was on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and machine learning. Yes, many of them had new versions of their software that did amazing stuff, but the emphasis was on those three. From the States that I spoke with, I learned what they needed help with or areas where they struggle. There appeared to be common themes amongst most all of them. That was eye-opening for me.

Meet people: So many people to meet, so little time to meet them on both the client and vendor side. Do I remember all their names? No way!

Eat some really good food: I’m on the Keto Diet and thought that I would have a problem finding food that worked for my diet. I was happily surprised to find what I needed. From breakfast, at both the convention and hotel, to finding wonderful moules (mussels) at La Moule. What great eating experiences that fit into my diet.


A little fun: Beside having fun conversing with the team during meals, we had fun exploring Portland, Oregon. The conference provided us with tram tickets but, most of us, only used those once. Lots of walking, which provided us the opportunity to explore Portland. Laura and I took a three mile walk across the river to the famous Voodoo Doughnuts, so the team could have some for Friday breakfast doughnuts. I could only drool because of my diet.

I’m looking forward to next year. I’m hoping to be selected to work with an awesome netlogx team again.