Grant change

Approximately five years ago, I found myself desiring a career change. At the time, I had been working as a law enforcement officer for around 5 years and had known for some time that I would not retire from that field. I chose to enroll back into school, something that my undergrad GPA likely should have prevented, and began working towards obtaining my MBA from Grace College once I was able to begin classes in 2015. I had no clue where this change would lead but I was confident that the change was necessary as I had begun feeling trapped in law enforcement, a feeling that was echoed by many of my fellow officers.

As I was beginning my final two classes at Grace College, my wife stumbled upon a post from Bob Sharpe as they share a mutual connection. In responding to this post, I was able to have a phone interview and begin the official process of applying for netlogx. The process involved the initial phone screening, a personality test, writing test, and in-person interview at the netlogx corporate office (where upon finishing the interview, I decided I was yelling at the conference phone the entire time and convinced myself that I would not hear back from the company). I had the opportunity to speak with Stephanie, Diane, Nelson, and Tabatha during the interview and was able to get some great answers to my questions that made me comfortable in continuing to pursue this opportunity. Upon receiving an offer letter from netlogx, I was comfortable in accepting the position although I had no clue how I was supposed to dress (no uniforms? Really?).

Upon starting at netlogx, I immediately had the opportunity to work closely with Tabatha as she is responsible for bringing people like me up to speed on how we are to complete tasks as a project coordinator. I’m still not sure who was more stressed out that first week…but I made it through, probably by wearing Tabatha down. The drastic change started setting in quickly in that initial week.

I was deployed (is that a consulting term?) a short time later to the State where I was thrown into a very large certification project where my lack of experience, project coordinating skills, and general knowledge of government health care was sure to doom my career prospects before I would be able to cite the experience on my resume while looking for something else.

But then something happened. I was surrounded by caring, supportive, friendly people that would not allow me to fail. Every task that I was asked to complete came with a person that was able to explain the purpose of the task and best practices to accomplish it effectively and efficiently. I was given the opportunity to find my strengths and explore opportunities to maximize them on both the big certification project, in addition to other opportunities where I found my skills to complement the clients’ needs. Through the stressful first few months, the people of netlogx made it possible to come to work every day and strive to get better. The corporate office staff of Stephanie, Diane, Niquita, and Elizabeth made those first few weeks while learning the netlogx way much easier.

Grant change 2

I began showing up at my first assignment at a time that I was convinced was early…and seeing Phil working on his third task of the day in the most visible seat on the third floor at the State. Guess I need to set my alarm for an earlier time to get on his level. I was watching as Laura worked too many hours in trying to get that first project to the finish line yet never lost patience or showed frustration to the team. I was able to observe as our subject matter experts, Carolyn, Kristy, and Kim, in addition to SMEs from other organizations, apply their extensive knowledge to make the project progress. And I was given a mentor in the form of Andrew, 10 years my junior but talented and driven in a way that I rarely observed in my nine years in law enforcement.

I was asked to write why I love working for netlogx and the short answer is: the people. I have far exceeded the suggested word count on this assignment but bragging on our people is always worth a few more words. I am honored to be considered a part of this team of A Players and hope to find a way to contribute to the continued success of such an amazing organization.