The netlogx team in Michigan provides Business Process Mapping services and Requirements Gathering for business areas that fall under the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) agency. These business areas include seven (7) service areas that represent things such as Foster Care, Adoption, Child Protective Services, and all things related to providing needed healthcare and personal assistance to Michigan residents.

The netlogx team consists of Facilitators, Business Analysts, and, the role I hold, Project Coordinators (PCr). We work together as a team, but each role is vital to our overall success.

I’ve been in the PCr role since I started at netlogx in 2014. The main responsibilities of a PCr include:

  • Point of Contact for Client
  • Document Tracking and Management
  • Meeting Organization and Notetaking
  • Scheduling
  • Follow-Up

Very critical to the mapping sessions is the communication with staff, scheduling, tracking, and monitoring of information.  Given my expertise as a PCr, experience with scheduling, and my ability to view State staff calendars, in most instances, I am easily able to determine meeting times that will best suit our clients’ needs and that will have the least amount of impact on their daily jobs.

I have extensive experience in these critical areas that allow me to have streamlined interaction with the State allowing minimal conflicts with scheduling.  Although the scheduling can take anywhere from five (5) minutes to hours to schedule, all calendars are viewed to determine the highest percentage of participation.  As you may know, it can be nearly impossible to get two (2) or three (3) staff members in the same place at the same time, let alone fifteen (15) or twenty (20).  As the PCr scheduling the meetings, this allows me the advantage of being the point of contact with our clients to ensure that vital documentation is collected, stored where needed, and shared with appropriate team members.  Providing a single point of contact for the client allows each person to only have to worry about communicating with one (1) person from our team. It is then the role of the PCr to share information with the appropriate team members and other resources and ensure any key documentation is properly archived and accessible in places where needed.

In addition to scheduling, I am present at all sessions to ensure that viable information from the sessions is documented correctly and action items are captured.  All notes are distributed timely, and action items are forwarded to the appropriate owners for follow up, holding each accountable for their assigned tasks.