I recently attended the Advisa Inspire HR Conference in Indianapolis where I was able to attend a great variety of sessions. I took something away from them all, however, the following particularly resonated with me:

Trust is the overall key to success. We should improve the world one leader at a time. – Mike Miles, Human & Company.

Ask clarifying questions. Use positive reinforcement to showcase who/what is working well. Have less expectations and more agreements.  Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated with what has not worked, rather make agreements (or “going forward statements” to move forward and be successful). – Max Yoder, Lessonly.

The final session was Kim Jones from Willow Marketing and Mandy Hashett from Advisa talking about creating your culture story. Working through the interactive activity I quickly understood that netlogx has a solid culture story. As a company we collaboratively came up with our Operating Principles which are the core values of what makes our culture special. We not only have the Operating Principles visible around the office, but we also highlight one each month further promoting it in newsletters and company-wide communications. We focus part of the recruitment process discussing the culture of the company and highlight the importance of the Operating Principles. Every new team member goes through a netlogx cultural overview training session as part of their on-boarding which also serves to reinforce our ethos.

Several years ago, we introduced recognition or SPOT awards to highlight team member accomplishments and instances of team members exemplifying the operating principles. We periodically highlight random acts of kindness and showcase submissions to our Gratitude Journal at each team meeting. Additionally, the Operating Principles afford us a common language when describing netlogx and our culture – another recommendation from the conference.

The conference was focused throughout on promoting the use of the Predictive Index (PI) and ways it can be used to aid recruitment, development and retention. At netlogx we do not use the PI, however, we do use the Core Values Index (CVI) which seemingly is a comparable tool. We use the CVI to help with recruiting and matching candidates to profiles for different roles. We have employed the CVI to understand what motivates (and de-motivates) different profiles and how we can adapt depending on the team members we are working with. We have well-developed conflict strategies based on the CVI for Project Teams and clients alike to ensure effective communication is at the forefront of all we do.

I enjoyed the conference and found it especially rewarding to realize that as a company we already have successfully implemented many of the recommendations shared! Winning Best Places to Work in Indiana this year for the fifth time is truly a testament to the culture we have cultivated.

For further information about the culture at netlogx, email HR.