There is some truth to the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Have you ever told a story to a spouse or friend and felt they didn’t really listen to you?  They might have said the words, “I heard you” or “I understand” however, you find out later they didn’t really grasp the concept you were communicating.  If it happens over and over again with the same people it can be quite frustrating, leaving you thinking, how did they not get it?

Do you think if the story or information were communicated differently, it would be better understood or heard?  Probably.

According to Inc. magazine’s Molly St. Louis, there are three types of learners:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic

Auditory learners are those who need to hear information to process and understand it. Kinesthetic types are those who learn by doing, and the visual learner are those who need to see a map, picture, or graph to comprehend or understand information (of the three, I identify with the visual learners).

Our personal and professional lives are filled with all three types of learners, and the trick is to figure out a method of communicating to achieve the highest level of understanding.

After years of experience working for netlogx as a business process visual map developer (who cannot speak highly enough of MS Visio), I have learned that a “picture” can illustrate a “thousand words worth” of processes and activities. The visualization of current workflow invites clarity, consensus, and many “ah ha” moments for organizations so they can improve their outcomes, products, and processes.

netlogx has a unique style of facilitation and active mapping techniques employed in business process discovery sessions. We listen to staff explain their processes and pain points (auditory) and document those processes in MS Visio (visual).  We work with all types of learners as they encounter and adapt to organizational changes, so we can develop solutions that work for them.

If you or your employees have concerns about change, or encounter roadblocks and pain points in achieving a task or activity, I encourage you to contact us. We have seasoned professionals who would be happy to listen to your challenges and opportunities and provide thoughts for resolution.

Our mantra is to help businesses survive and thrive in a world of change!