Neuro Diagnostic Institute and Role of Business Process Mapping by Andrew Powers

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I’ve had the opportunity to work on the Neuro Diagnostic Institute (NDI) project, which involves the construction of a new hospital, the NDI, in Indianapolis, which will replace the current State-operated facility, Larue Carter. Due to some fundamental changes in building layout and logistics, job functions and processes used today will look very different at [...]

The Process of Developing Strong Relationships by Nick Petrone

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Process Management is one of the six core service offerings of netlogx. So, we naturally take pride in our ability to put Lean Six Sigma training we receive from our Master Black Belt colleagues into practice.  After receiving that training, it’s striking to me how it influences the way you look at the activities of [...]

Interview with Alec Mitchell

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What brings you joy? I enjoy singing, on a daily basis. It’s my “me time” and mind filler when I’m doing tasks around the house or driving.  Also, going to the movie theater by myself has been a guilty pleasure recently. What are you most afraid of? I am most afraid of letting those around [...]

The Three Roles of Process Documentation by Alec Mitchell

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Business Process Improvement is vital in managing services and ensuring that those services are being delivered efficiently from start to finish. As variables change, so does the business, and therefore, improvement is a lifelong friend of any industry. Businesses may struggle to manage these inevitable changes but services such as Business Process Mapping (BPM) can [...]

Three Process Improvements You Can Implement Now by Sara Jones

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Many of our clients use business process mapping and re-engineering (BPMR) in the context of large-scale technology implementations—and for good reason. When you are considering large changes to your organization’s systems and solutions, BPMR is critical to ensure you have a strong understanding of both the As Is processes (what your organization does today) and [...]