Offering assistance with Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) State Self-Assessments (SS-A) is a crucial netlogx service that aligns business and information technology components of a program, helping those who manage Medicaid services. It also ultimately improves the delivery of service to Medicaid beneficiaries.

In the past, I worked with some netlogx team members to complete a MITA SS-A for the state of Michigan. We worked together to develop and test a tool that was used to create MITA deliverables more efficiently and effectively. The tool allowed us to create and standardize the visual appearance of the deliverables for our clients. Not only does this create a more professional, unified look, but it also streamlines the process, creating visuals faster than if they were created manually.

Seeing the effectiveness of the tool for a previous client has helped us think about how we would structure a MITA SS-A update in the future. We have some ideas to improve the usage of the tool and serve our clients better.

We would like to explore utilizing the tool to facilitate faster data collection in our face-to-face client meetings. Entering data directly into the tool would be far more efficient than collecting data in meetings by hand and then transferring the data into the tool after the fact. While we have not used our tool in this way before, we believe this method would be quite effective.

This strategy would not only save the client and netlogx time but would demonstrate to our clients our commitment to self-improvement and our desire to continually serve them in the best possible manner. As experts in process improvements, it would show our willingness to apply internally the same concepts we recommend for others.

When a netlogx team in Indiana began working on a MITA SS-A, the individuals who worked on the Michigan MITA SS-A demonstrated how to use the MITA tool and the processes we used for updating the tool with the State’s and CMS’s MITA information. We transferred our best practices and lessons learned to improve processes for the MITA tool’s second use. We all hope that the use of the tool will improve as we take on more MITA projects as a team and that we can continue to serve our clients in a smart and efficient way.

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