Recently, netlogx finished our work with the NeuroDiagnostic Institute (NDI) as they transitioned from the Larue Carter Hospital, which had existed since 1948. The NDI delivers advanced evaluation and treatment for patients with challenging and complex neuropsychiatric illnesses and moves them more efficiently into the most appropriate treatment settings within the community or state mental health system.

NDI by the Numbers: 

  • 7 stories
  • 215,710 SF
  • 159 beds
  • 200+ employees

netlogx assisted the NDI by developing new hospital processes, recruiting for new job positions, conducting or participating in training, educating the public, and coordinating activities with outside vendors.  

Because of netlogx’ extensive work in the healthcare industry, netlogx was able to act as subject matter experts to help plan, prepare, and implement changes for the NDI. netlogx’ consultants spent 26 months aiding the NDI team and even stayed on-site several months after the hospital opening to assist with the transition. 

Proper Organizational Change Management (OCM) was the overarching factor in this project’s success. OCM manages new business processes and changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise.  Staff at all levels of any organization experience anxiety and stress from the change. The shift to the NDI from Larue Carter altered the daily work processes of employees, many of whom had worked at Larue Carter for years. 

Risk Management

Risk Management was another fundamental aspect of netlogx’ OCM and project management work with the NDI. Throughout the NDI building design, physical construction, patient move planning, and process and policy implementation, risks spanned across different categories such as:

  • Patient safety
  • Building infrastructure
  • Staff performance and quality
  • Project schedule

Risk planning, response, and mitigation occurred throughout all phases of the project and were consistently monitored. The rigorous risk management strategies necessary to maintain patient safety in the NDI helped keep staff and patients safe. Failure to properly engage in risk management techniques within this environment could have resulted in bodily harm. 

Internal and External Communication

Communication with staff is another crucial element of OCM. Distributing appropriate information to the stakeholders at the right time is critical. netlogx created a project communication strategy to ensure that the staff was frequently updated on the personal impact of upcoming changes.

For example, as the NDI staffing model was developed, current staff were informed where they would be working at the NDI. Training schedules were developed and communicated to staff, and a system was developed for staff to submit NDI-related questions or concerns and obtain feedback. 

A change of this magnitude also impacts many external entities. Communication strategies were implemented to ensure all outside entities were frequently updated on the NDI progress, impact on current processes, and changes needed for the opening of the new hospital.

New Technology Implementation 

One of the many organizational changes that the NDI experienced was the transition from a manual paper medical record system to an electronic medical record (EMR) system, which added another layer of planning and considerations. Patients in psychiatric environments require observation and documentation for tasks like medication distribution, regular 15-minute safety checks, incident reporting, and mealtime observation. 

netlogx also implemented a new internal communication technology, replacing the old method of phones and overhead paging systems. netlogx consultants managed the development, design, and implementation of Vocera, a hands-free, voice-activated badge for the hospital staff.  In addition, netlogx worked with Vocera to modify the scope of work to adjust the training plan and equipment purchased to better align with the client’s unique situation. 

The Vocera design and training all had to occur prior to having access to the NDI, which created challenges with determining call flow designs, effective staff training, and the ability to build staff comfort around the use of the new devices prior to the hospital opening. 


Education and training were critical to the success of the transition. Among other training, netlogx consultants provided Cerner dashboard training support for the behavioral health recovery attendants.  Due to the new policies, equipment, technology, and work environment, a typical current Larue Carter staff member was required to take as many as 15 total hours of training to function at the NDI.

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