Social distancing is currently the way of life. The past few weeks you have probably seen, heard and read about COVID-19 that is disrupting life all over the world. More than likely there has been a direct impact on your organization. We rarely get advance notice that a disaster is ready to strike, so when the pandemic set a panic through the world, it changed the workforce and the school system as we had grown accustomed to. People were told to work from home if they could, then businesses started closing. Did this pandemic hit your organization like a storm, or was your organization prepared for the storm?

  • How are your businesses supposed to survive during this time?
  • How will you ensure your clients’ data is protected?
  • Will your staff be able to set up at home with everything they need to work and protect the clients’ data?
  • How did your organization respond to this sudden change?

This is where a business continuity plan kicks in. The plan gives your organization the best shot at succeeding during a disaster. Having a current and tested plan available to all personnel that will be responsible for carrying out the plan.  Not having a plan in place doesn’t just mean that your organization will take longer than necessary to recover from the incident, it could mean you go out of business.

What is a business continuity plan? A business continuity plan is where an organization can maintain business functions or quickly resume them in the event of a major disruption. The plan outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of any disaster; it should cover the business processes, human resources, data procedure, business partners and any other day-to-day operations.

Why does business continuity planning matter? Whether you operate a small business or a large corporation, it will help you stay competitive. It is important that your clients and staff feel a sense of security in the event of a disaster.

Continuing business as usual in any incident can have a positive effect on your company’s reputation and market value and increase customer and staff confidence. Since there is an increase in consumer and regulatory expectations for security today, understanding the processes and the impact when a disaster hit is important.

Since the coronavirus hit and the social distancing is the new byword, businesses had to prepare quickly to get personnel up and running so that business can continue. A business continuity plan is the best way to ensure that business continues as usual. This helps ease the fear and concerns that your staff and client may have.

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