Growing up an active person, health and wellness have always been a staple of my lifestyle. It wasn’t until I got out of college that I actually had to start investing in this lifestyle financially:  paying for gym memberships and fitness classes, buying vitamins and supplements, and of course, purchasing the necessary equipment and active-wear.

Now, as a busy mom, wife, and career woman, I still need to find the time, energy, and funds to be able to maintain the healthy lifestyle I’ve always tried to keep up. Lucky for me, netlogx has helped make my personal wellness more feasible.

I feel fortunate to work for a company that allows its employees to prioritize health and personal wellness by providing some great incentives and wellness-related benefits packages, including:

  • Healthy living assistance (stress management, mental health, diet, and fitness)
  • Family assistance (parenting support, child and elder care, learning programs, special needs help)
  • Financial guidance (legal issues, will preparation, taxes, debt, and financial planning tools)

netlogx also offers reimbursement for wellness-related activities for up to $150 per calendar year—I have my eye on a luxurious spa package.

netlogx has demonstrated that it cares about me and my family’s well-being, it not only keeps us all in good health, but it also motivates me to care more about the quality of work I yield. After being with netlogx for little over a year, I can already realize the value and importance of investing in your people’s wellness and how boosting morale plays a critical part in increasing the quality of the work produced daily.