Project coordinators (PCrs) have a wide variety of skills and experience that make them integral to any project management process. PCrs are detailed to the nth degree. They have the ability to listen to a wide range of speakers, presenters, and meeting attendees, make sense of the ideas they are sharing and capture their comments in a set of succinct, coherent notes. 

The PCr meeting notes are a netlogx “secret sauce” and a key ingredient in making a strong project management team. The importance of this seemingly mundane, everyday task can have a tremendous influence on a project. There have been many times when meeting notes have been referred back to in order to highlight a decision, a next step or a clarification needed. Being able to refer back at a future date is critically important and cannot be understated. Since I worked for another vendor on the New Mexico contract where netlogx is the PMO, I have been relying on the netlogx PCr skills and most especially the meeting notes secret sauce since before I joined netlogx!

Another skill that netlogx PCrs possess is excellent communication. They will be the ones coordinating and communicating meetings and the purpose of meeting. They even anticipate what a client may say or what is shared in one meeting and how it may impact another project item that is being discussed. A PCr can communicate with stakeholders and client representatives at all levels within the organization and can be firm when needed when client requests are numerous and onerous.

Worst Case Scenario

Wondering what could happen if a project doesn’t have a coordinator? The answer is chaos—total and complete chaos. There would be no consistency with processes, logs, action items, meeting notes, and meeting agendas. Everyone would do their own thing, follow their own process, and/or make it up as they go along. Meetings would be unorganized, people are forgotten or not included at all on the meeting invite, no notes are captured for distribution, no action items, and the team is spinning in place or acting like a hamster on a wheel.  Running fast, over and over, but not truly getting anywhere or making any progress. 

That’s why netlogx employs PCrs on every project. They bring so much to the table and ensure the day-to-day activities of the project are completed as planned.

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Learn what it looks like to be a project coordinator and how the role impacts a project by downloading our project coordinator guide