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The Power of Yes!

Sometimes its important to stop.  Stop what you are doing, stop what you are thinking and just be. When the day is spiraling out of your grasp, just let it go.  Stop.  Breathe in.  Breathe out. Do it again.  Be still and quiet. Take the time to consider all the wonderful things you have in [...]

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Going Bald! By Nick Taylor

Well I always wondered if I would go bald but I didn’t know it would be on a specific date! That was until I listened to WFYI and heard about St. Baldricks and their excellent and much needed work in fund raising for childhood cancers. http://www.stbaldricks.org/ What I learned shocked me and decided me to [...]

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Happy 17th Birthday netlogx – You were raised right!

Happy 17th Birthday netlogx. As I sit and write this essay it is a beautiful morning.  It’s still cool in the morning and the sun is burning the dew off the grass.  It’s very much like it was 17 years ago when 3 of us set off to make a difference in business and start [...]

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Advice and Guidance on Anthem Breach

Recently we learned of a high profile breach at Anthem that allowed an unknown actor or actors to steal private information about their clients. The event itself is nothing new. Hardly a month goes by without hearing of numerous small breaches. The one dimension that changes this breach from some of the others is that [...]

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netlogx Proudly presents the New Mexico Team!

As I write this, the Polar Vortex has once again visited Indiana.  There is snow and bone-chilling temperatures.  Meanwhile 2000Km to the west it's sunny and bright and the netlogx New Mexico team's sunny disposition is also very much in evidence! The only chilly(i) here is in the salsa and appropriately its netlogx green! From [...]

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Who owns facts?

I was born on 26th July 1958.  That is a fact.  That fact is recorded in thousands of places.  Does this recording transfer the ownership of this fact to the recorder?  What happens if I want to have that fact removed from the places that it has been recorded?  The answer is not a straight [...]

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Project Coordinators

As a Project Coordinator at netlogx, I am expected to be organized, resourceful, and effectual in all tasks.  Project Coordinators are the backbone of netlogx and make every meeting, document, event, and project come together in an almost magical, effortless way.  In truth, meetings, documents, events, and projects do not come together effortlessly or magically; [...]

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Body Language

Body language is the most effective way to communicate.  75 to 80 percent of communication is expressed through body language.  By observing how people interact with others through their body language, you can learn a lot.  Are they smiling? Do they have downcast eyes and slumped shoulders?  Giving a blank stare as you speak? We [...]

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Malware Threat: CryptoLocker

It's always important to remember that clicking on links, files and media that you are not absolutely sure of may result in serious damage to your devices. Specifically, there is a new breed of malware called ransomware which may take control of your device and demand a payment to release it. Examples of this include [...]

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Not my Type

This is brilliant! Read: "To Avoid Leaks Russia Turns to Typewriters" In an attempt to defeat the inherent security issues of using network connected devices to record and discuss secure items, Russia has begun to implement and use TYPEWRITERS! The sad thing is I’m old enough to tell them the security issues with typewriters: If [...]

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