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netlogx has a significant track record in Data and Information Management in the area of MITA State Self-Assessments. Our PMO, Project Portfolio Management and Project Management disciplines have been recognized by CMS.

At netlogx we take MITA State Self-Assessments to the next level. We have married them to the statistical and mathematical analysis and business process modeling of LEAN/Six Sigma. This marriage allows netlogx to help states develop accurate business process baselines, appropriate and applicable performance measures and high value process improvement. We have extensive RFP development and procurement experience that can guide you through the entire procurement cycle. Put it to work for you right away and allow us also to help you to get the very best out of the APD process.

Allow us to help you to break down the systems and process silos that cost time, effort and money to deal with every day. It’s time to work smarter not just harder.