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Business Analysis and Decision Support are keys to organizations running better, faster and cheaper.  Businesses can run without these activities, but it is a large risk to the company’s ability to innovate.  In this world of “innovate or die”, effective business analysis coupled with decision support enables companies to make data-driven decisions about how to improve the organization.

The netlogx team has staff that focus on business analysis.  That is, they cross functions and are analytically minded to bridge the gaps that often occur between IT departments and other parts of the business.  We have staff proficient with Lean Six Sigma techniques that provide disciplined analysis of process and how to improve process.  Using these techniques ensures that the recommendations are objective and focused on the business.

Since we employ a Lean Six Sigma methodology, data collection and analysis is an integral part of the process.  To provide accurate and objective insight, measurement is a key.  Using a decision support tool, key data can be collected and analyzed easily to drive recommendations.


Rather than being based on trendy buzzwords or politics, business analysis and decisions support break through the noise to provide accurate and objective improvements.