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It is well publicized that a good percentage of data warehouse projects fail.  Even when teams transitioned from the waterfall approach to Agile methodologies, struggles still continue.  The simple fact of a data warehouse design and implementation is that it takes a very broad and strategic vision to implement appropriately and a dogged focus on monitoring progress and correcting missteps.  Many in the organization with a broad view are at the higher levels and cannot devote the time to guiding every step.  Others at lower levels of the organization don’t have the insight due to their very limited view of the organization.  This coupled with the need for specialized skills in designing the architecture, database and analytics environment means that very few organizations are prepared for implementing their own data warehouse with just employees.

The netlogx team has extensive experience in designing and implementing various data warehouses.  Our experience has included collaborating with and actively managing vendors to provide various parts of the project.  netlogx is very successful due to our incorporating lessons learned from past projects and our disciplined approach to project management.  Rather than being a passive player in the administrative aspects of project management, netlogx focuses on the activities that produce positive results.  netlogx practical and iterative approach delivers value early by avoiding key pitfalls like: the “build it and they will come” mentality (lack of a compelling business reason) and “trying to think of every use” (not managing scope).

The process is generally the following:

  • Learn and analyze major business processes to understand data flow and systems
  • Dive deep into the source systems to understand the data and data issues
  • Create a “as-is” logical data model based on the analysis
  • Incorporate strategic business initiatives into known requirements
  • Create the “to-be” logical data model to meet known requirements and expected analysis
  • Iterate in short “sprints” to create core pieces of the physical data warehouse and analytics tools
  • Engage with employees at all levels to get feedback early and often
  • Incorporate lessons learned and feedback at the end of each sprint to improve future sprints


netlogx manages the risk of a project as significant as a data warehouse. As an experienced partner, netlogx avoids common mistakes and recognizes potential problems early in the process.  This enables the organization to focus on creating value rather than struggling to design and implement the solution.