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Similar to many other areas, Information Management can be described on a maturity scale.  Few organizations are at the top and some are in the middle and many are towards the low-end of the scale.  It is impractical to leap-frog to the top of the scale without intermediate steps.  It is also difficult to decide on the practical improvements without a clear target or direction.  Information Management Road-Map Development provides the process, targets and future direction to move the organization up the information management maturity scale.

As with other types of roadmap development, the first phase is to understand the “current state” environment.  By reviewing existing documentation, conducting surveys and then interviews with system owners, the netlogx team documents the current state for the areas below.  Only after discussions with senior executives and reviewing strategic plans, the next phase to develop the roapmap happens.  The roadmap is a matrix of the maturity scale and the subject areas below.

Subject Areas to be Reviewed and Roadmap Developed:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Stewardship
  • Information Architecture
  • Metadata Management
  • Information Quality Management
  • Reference & Master Data Management
  • Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence
  • Information Security Management
  • Structured Data Management
  • Unstructured Data Management


Instead of starting data management efforts in an ad-hoc and haphazard way, the roadmap provides a systematic and practical guide to move the organization up the maturity scale.