Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning 2016-12-05T11:01:14+00:00

In order to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophic it is vital to determine how to protect or rapidly restore the key business processes. A netlogx Business Continuity Planning (BCP) team can help a customer rapidly identify these key processes and what is required to maintain them by carrying out a business criticality analysis. To do this netlogx will:

  • Review the business risks to determine what the impact on the business would be if there are system or network failures for significant periods in the business cycle
  • Determine the criticality of IT processes by mapping risks onto IS processes and identify criticality of processes.
  • Identify which architectural elements provide critical services and develop a recovery schedule for key processes
  • Develop an options analysis– drawing up options for business process recovery, and identifying recovery strategies. Compare feasibility of in-house and third party recovery solutions
  • Select stand-by solutions and providers– manage the tendering process for a provider of stand-by services
  • Develop Continuity Plans, which provide for “business as usual” during catastrophic failures and emergencies. Ensure that plan invocation thresholds are defined and understood.
  • Test Continuity Plans to ensure their viability. These must include policies, communications, personnel, procedures, and all technology aspects.
  • Provide support to the crisis management team by designating members of the netlogx team to be ready to help manage the continuity invocation and management


netlogx will manage the BCP process to ensure that this does not detract the customer from the normal operation of their business:

  • Satisfy Corporate Governance requirements
  • Reduce the probability of a disaster
  • Minimize the impact of a disaster if it happens
  • Potentially decrease insurance premiums