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To be most effective Security must be designed into every aspect of the business. It is a fundamental element of the architectural design. Any business will have legacy systems and infrastructure. These often present significant issues of integration. It is vital that these systems are brought into an overall design that is forward looking and that can grow securely as the business needs change. netlogx Security Architects will work with the customer to plan and develop the optimum solution for end-to-end security. The approach has to be flexible to take into account the varying business models, risks, etc, but typically would include:

  • Determining the business requirements (model, growth, environment, human factors, etc)
  • Conducting a thorough risk analysis aimed to determine the appropriate security strategy
  • Analyzing legacy systems with respect to fit with future strategy and potential technologies
  • Performing a cost benefit analysis with respect to differing security solutions and phasing
  • Developing the security architecture design
  • Developing the plans for implementation
  • Carrying out periodic review, to adjust for change – environment, business model and technologies


A “designed-for-security” technology road map is produced that provides the appropriate level of security at each phase of an organization’s development. Security is implemented as part of an integrated development plan not in a piecemeal fashion. As a result the security architecture will be:

  • cost effective
  • inherently more secure and reliable
  • able to adapt to changes in the business needs
  • more adaptable to future technology upgrades
  • based on the knowledge of experienced security professionals