Enhanced Point of Presence Penetration Testing

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netlogx provides its customers with an Enhanced Point of Presence Penetration Test. Our consultants research the customer environment, specifically preparing a detailed analysis of web servers and business applications, as well as vulnerability scanning within the network, behind the firewall. The internal network will also be analyzed for vulnerabilities. The phases are:

  • Analysis and research – check publicly available information about network addresses and IT deployment
  • Penetration Testing – scan without causing damage or disruption to systems
  • Develop exploitation scenarios – identify the systems and architectural features to determine the potential for successful attacks on the firewall
  • Prepare and present findings – document known vulnerabilities and findings. Document potential business impacts and overall conclusions


This service is far more comprehensive than a basic point of presence penetration test. It identifies areas of risk to the business and highlights their relative priority. The end of study report will indicate and explain the vulnerabilities discovered and the impact on the customer’s business. It will highlight:

  • The specifics of the vulnerabilities
  • The steps to be taken to fix the vulnerabilities discovered
  • The priority of the improvements