ISMS Health-Check

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The Information Security Management System (ISMS) Health-Check, through a process of inspection, interview and observation, provides a view of the current effectiveness of a wide range of Information Security Controls that will be developed.  These will include organizational and procedural controls as well as the implementation of security technologies. The components of this offering are:

Impact Analysis – This is an assessment of the potential impacts on and organization of any failures in the Information Security Management Systems

Interviews – Establish through interviews with key business stakeholders the performance of the current security controls as well as the requirements for the future

Inspection and Observation – Audit the performance and exposures at the covered locations and facilities

Documentation Review – Assess the completeness and effectiveness of security policies and procedures

Analyze & present findings – Analysis of Health-Check data and findings followed by a presentation of the conclusions and recommendations


Health-Check provides a business with an independent, expert assessment of the effectiveness of current security controls and practices.