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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 1:30 p.m.

Data Governance for Timely Analytics

Presentation Overview:

Data Governance establishes the processes and standards that Medicare and Medicaid need to conduct timely analytics across a wide range of data sources. This accomplished panel will discuss how their projects use Data Governance in different development environments and formats. This team of experts will describe their experiences with the Health Insurance Exchange, the Multidimensional Data Analytics System, and MITA 3.0. They will draw the session to a close with lessons learned by discussing regional differences across New England Medicaid programs.

Who is speaking: Audrey Taylor, Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner of netlogx, Audrey is a true visionary and strategist. Data governance is her strength and expertise. Her unique skills extend into the areas of client relationship management, sales, and service delivery. In addition to her company ownership responsibilities, Audrey remains an active consultant and she has served in the information technology discipline for over 25 years. Audrey has participated in many high level operational initiatives, including infrastructure design, process re-engineering, turnaround management and reorganization.

Conference Information:

You can meet with Audrey and other netlogx team members at booth number 57. Follow all of the happenings during the conference at