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Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 11:30am

M8: MITA 3.0 and Lean/Six Sigma

Presentation Overview:

Everybody is trying to “cut the fat” these days. Follow the State of Arizona as they introduce Lean/Six Sigma into the MITA 3.0 Business Architecture. MITA SS-A was completed in 2007 based on the original 2.0 framework. As we prepare to update our MITA SS-A using the 3.0 framework, we plan to “get in shape” by introducing a proven methodology based on statistical and mathematical analysis and business process modeling called Lean/Six Sigma. The goal is to use Lean/Six Sigma methods to develop accurate business process baselines, appropriate and applicable performance measures and high value process improvement. Learn from Arizona as they talk you through this standard methodology and how they use it to evaluate and document their MITA Business Architecture.

Who is speaking: Phil Canada

Phil is a Principal Consultant with over thirty years of experience in Business, Information Systems and Information Technology. He has unique skills in service delivery, business development, and emerging technologies. Phil has a wealth of experience in strategic planning, cost savings initiatives, Project Management and vendor relations management. His specialties are in Healthcare, Government and Finance with a background in both public and private sectors. Phil is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Kaizen Moderator and Implementer.

Conference Information:

You can meet with Phil and other netlogx team members at booth number 57. Follow all of the happenings during the conference at