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June 2012

October 2017

IndyHub Forward by Tyler Fosnaugh

It’s easy to feel down in the dumps these days about the state of nation. Polarizing politicians, nuclear adversaries, and violent protests do little to provide the average American with confidence. It wasn’t until I [...]

#TheHungerChallenge by Tabatha Anderson

Unfortunately, hunger has become more than just an epidemic.  There are multiple people across the world who are affected daily.  World Food Day is celebrated each year on October 16th to memorialize the founding of [...]

Interview with Shameem Zia, Consultant

What brings you joy? Hanging out and spending time with my family and friends. What are you most afraid of? Losing my family. What would you like to learn? How to play the piano. That [...]

Consulting After Life as a State Employee by Jim Dunn

For ten plus years, I was the state of Indiana’s TANF Program manager.  As a state administrator, I’d inevitably spend time listening to advice from a private sector consultant who had been an administrator in [...]

The Procurement Process by Audrey Taylor

pro·cure·ment prəˈkyo͝ormənt/ noun noun: procurement; plural noun: procurements the action of obtaining or procuring something. "financial assistance for the procurement of legal advice" the action or occupation of acquiring military equipment and supplies. "defense procurement" [...]