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June 2012

June 2018

Get Out of the Office and Go Camping! By Joel Gutzki

Although it has been a year full of surprises, I feel like we are finally beyond the cold. Although early summer camping can be a bit unpredictable weather-wise; missing out on mosquitos, muggy weather, and [...]

The Math of Honesty by Rick Wilminko

How many of you can honestly say you love math? Come on, tell the truth! Okay, here’s an “honesty” math problem. When does a half equal a whole? The equation looks like this: a half-truth [...]

Networking, Pippa Mann and netlogx by Abbey Szentes

Being able to attend the netlogx Day at the Track event and watching the 35 race car drivers practice for the Indy 500 was a fun and exciting experience. From networking to captivating conversations, my [...]

Closer to the Edge by Nick McNeer

Recently I jumped off a 30-story building. Considering the “gravity” of that statement I would say that I am in pretty good shape, my nerves were a little fried after, but you have to pay [...]

May 2018

Green Project Management by Joel Gutzki

I recently finished reading Green Project Management by Richard Maltzman and David Shirley. A few years old now, it won the 2011 Project Management Institute (PMI) David I. Cleland Literature Award, presented to those who [...]