Has your company implemented changes in its practices, policies, and physical work environment to facilitate a safe return to the workplace during this COVID-19 pandemic? If not, why not? 

  • Are your employees as productive or even more so working remotely? 
  • Will it cost too much to retrofit your facilities to adhere to CDC workplace safety guidelines? 
  • Is it because of the potential liability that employees or customers may contract the virus at your workplace? 

If you answered yes, to any of these scenarios, netlogx can quickly and efficiently help you create new comprehensive workplace processes and procedures. This documentation exercise can demonstrate a good faith effort necessary to defend against possible claims against your business during this pandemic.

Establishing Confidence as a Safe Workplace

Developing a strategic process for reviewing and updating your organization’s current business processes and procedures is critical to protecting everyone under your umbrella. Documenting and mapping these new processes will also assist with communicating these changes to your employees, customers, and suppliers. 

Generating an inclusive perspective to create a plan by which all business processes and procedures are updated to reflect whatever new guidance is available will be critical in understanding how you will address any future disruption. 

netlogx Guides for Change 

netlogx is an award-winning, two-decade-old, Women Business Enterprise (WBE) consulting services firm headquartered in Indianapolis. We help clients nationwide navigate change and make it work for them, leveraging our Lean Six Sigma-based business process mapping (BPM) expertise.

We can tailor a BPM solution that meets your needs and budget. Contact [email protected] for a complimentary consultation.