Read about some real-world examples of how netlogx services make change work for our clients. Learn how our consultants guided clients from uncertainty and indecision, to precision and definition, helping them accomplish their goals.

Case Study: Organizational Change Management

The netlogx team came in to facilitate the development of detailed business process maps and provide process recommendations based on Lean Six Sigma principles.

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Case Study: Data Protection Priorities Assesment

The netlogx team came in and identified and map data links, extracts, and transfers. While also developing a consumer application intake workflow and a master tracking spreadsheet for the IT department.

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Nurses and Doctors Standing next to each other with arms crossed.

Case Study: Epic Implementation

The netlogx team came in and was able to coordinate and improve communication among assigned areas and disciplines, while the subject matter experts engaged in assigned activities.

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Case Study: Business Process Mapping & Reengineering

The netlogx team facilitated conversations in a safe environment to help the organization gain an understanding of business processes.

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Case Study: BMV Galaxy Procurement

The netlogx team was brought in to provide project management support for the large legislative change implementation and, in parallel, to develop and implement the modernized system’s procurement approach.

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