Read about some real-world examples of how netlogx services make change work for our clients. Learn how our consultants guided clients from uncertainty and indecision, to precision and definition, helping them accomplish their goals.
HHC Data Migration Project Case Study Image

Case Study: HHC Data Migration Project

The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) enlisted netlogx to optimize the use of an existing SAP HANA data warehouse to store the organization’s data in a configuration that allowed reports to be easily generated and accessed. netlogx created an SAP HANA Data Warehouse Roadmap and demonstrated its capabilities through a “Proof of Concept.”

FSSA Certification Process Optimization Featured Image

Case Study: FSSA Certification Process Optimization

netlogx served as the Project Management Office (PMO) for the State of Indiana, Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) to assist in revamping its methodology for the federal certification process. netlogx successfully streamlined this process to ensure that certification efforts met the CMS timeline.

Project Management & Meeting Scheduling Featured Image

Case Study: Project Management & Meeting Scheduling

A strategic management consulting firm engaged netlogx to develop a project schedule for a series of required site visits and interviews. The new project schedule promoted detailed accuracy, resulting in efficiently scheduled meetings and minimized travel time and expenses.

Public Health Change Management Cover Image - Midsection of a person in a white lab coat and wearing rubber gloves.

Case Study: Public Health Change Management

netlogx collaborated with project leadership to create a Project Plan to meet Federal and State compliance requirements at the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, while facilitating a smooth transition for plan members of Medicare.

MCO Compliance Auditing Featured Image

Case Study: MCO Compliance Auditing

An Indiana Managed Care Entity engaged netlogx to conduct a required audit of POWER accounts to ensure that the company’s policies and procedures comply with the terms of their contracts with the State, Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, and Federal regulations.

Business Process Mapping Featured Image

Case Study: BPM and Implementation

When a subsidiary of a major distributor of branded sportswear needed to upgrade its ordering and inventory system, netlogx led with solutions by documenting current business processes, identified issues with each process, and created detailed process maps, enabling the development of prioritized recommendations.

Health Case Study featured image

Case Study: Healthcare Project Management

netlogx served as the Project Manager Partner for the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) on behalf of the Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD). netlogx ensured that the MCPHD complied with the requirements of the grant they received to standardize data collection and reporting capabilities.

FSSA Date Security Featured Image

Case Study: FSSA Data Security

netlogx was selected by The State of Indiana’s Division of Family Resources to ensure compliance with data security and privacy regulations was met on both a state and federal level. netlogx’ leadership established a collaborative working environment, enabling stakeholders to work toward a positive security posture that reduces risk and promotes compliance.

Indiana Medicaid Management Featured Image.

Case Study: Indiana Medicaid Management

netlogx served as the Project Management Office in assisting the State of Indiana in transforming and implementing its Medicaid Management Information System. During this project, netlogx led the process of obtaining Federal certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Government Information Management

Case Study: Government Information Management

The netlogx team engaged with The State of New Mexico, Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) to provide guidance on documentation and data cleanup during the implementation of a new information system.

Government Process Management

Case Study: Government Process Management

The netlogx project team helped the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) and Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) translate the State’s needs into requirements to develop a new framework for crisis call centers across Indiana.

Healthy Baby Case Study Image

Case Study: My Healthy Baby

The netlogx project management team joined forces with the State of Indiana to assist in the launch of the My Healthy Baby program, coordinating a series of educational presentations and collaborative meetings to expand the scope of the program.

man filling out a form from a clipboard

Case Study: COVID-19 Reporting Tool

netlogx created a reporting tool to help companies organize all the requirements needed to keep their team members and clients safe during COVID and document items to showcase compliance.

Sapphire Strategy meeting with netlogx

Case Study: Business Process Mapping

netlogx consultants and members of the Sapphire team worked collaboratively to create the best possible version of an example process as a teaching tool to create and communicate further processes in-house.

second helpings case study

Case Study: Second Helpings Data Consolidation

A netlogx project management team was brought in to lead a data consolidation initiative to construct a standardized database with information regarding food donors.


Case Study: Organizational Change Management

The netlogx team came in to facilitate the development of detailed business process maps and provide process recommendations based on Lean Six Sigma principles.

Netlogx_CaseStudy Data Protection

Case Study: Data Protection Priorities Assessment

The netlogx team came in and identified and map data links, extracts, and transfers. While also developing a consumer application intake workflow and a master tracking spreadsheet for the IT department.

Nurses and Doctors Standing next to each other with arms crossed.

Case Study: Epic Implementation

The netlogx team came in and was able to coordinate and improve communication among assigned areas and disciplines, while the subject matter experts engaged in assigned activities.


Case Study: Business Process Mapping & Reengineering

The netlogx team facilitated conversations in a safe environment to help the organization gain an understanding of business processes.


Case Study: BMV Galaxy Procurement

The netlogx team was brought in to provide project management support for the large legislative change implementation and, in parallel, to develop and implement the modernized system’s procurement approach.