audrey taylor
audrey taylorCEO & Managing Partner
Always remembering Nick Taylor: the keeper of unrealistic expectations.
tabatha anderson
tabatha andersonConsultant
lauryn andrews
lauryn andrewsConsultant
jessica bamber
jessica bamberBusiness Development Consultant
matthew boldt
matthew boldtConsultant
emily cadiz
emily cadizBusiness Development Consultant
joan callahan
joan callahanSenior Consultant
phil canada
phil canadaPrincipal Consultant
vicki chabot
vicki chabotChief Human Resources Officer
pradeep chennupalle
pradeep chennupalleConsultant
beth clark
beth clarkBusiness Development Consultant
jim dunn
jim dunnSenior Consultant
mike fisher
mike fisherConsultant
tyler fosnaugh
tyler fosnaughConsultant
dawn gelle
dawn gellePrincipal Consultant
rachael goldman
rachael goldmanSenior Consultant
joel gutzki
joel gutzkiConsultant
madelyn harris
madelyn harrisConsultant
eric hershberger
eric hershbergerConsultant
jeremy howard
jeremy howardSenior Consultant
sara jones
sara jonesSenior Consultant
salma kerfal
salma kerfalConsultant
david luter
david luterPrincipal Consultant
heather lynch
heather lynchBusiness Development Consultant
carolyn mcclain
carolyn mcclainSenior Consultant
matt mcneer
matt mcneerConsultant
nick mcneer
nick mcneerSenior Consultant
brenda mengle
brenda mengleProposal Consultant
alec mitchell
alec mitchellSenior Consultant
eric murrell
eric murrellConsultant
rafaela o’reilly
rafaela o’reillySenior Consultant
jacob peerman
jacob peermanConsultant
jennifer porter
jennifer porterSenior Consultant
andrew powers
andrew powersSenior Consultant
jaelin roseman
jaelin rosemanConsultant
karen sandoval
karen sandovalConsultant
laura shanahan
laura shanahanSenior Consultant
stephanie sponsel
stephanie sponselChief Operations Officer
connor stader
connor staderConsultant
camille stowell
camille stowellConsultant
elizabeth szentes
elizabeth szentesExecutive Assistant
harry taylor
harry taylorGoogle Workspace Administrator
thomas taylor
thomas taylorInternal Consultant
ellie turner
ellie turnerConsultant
diane walton
diane waltonCompliance and Bid Manager
rick wilminko
rick wilminkoConsultant
marleny wilson
marleny wilsonSenior Consultant