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Change Management Hub

We all know the old adage: change is the only constant. It happens everyday and it’s unavoidable. But it’s also a necessary part of evolution.

While many people and organizations fear change, change can lead to bigger and better things. Think of something as simple as choosing a new software to help your team better perform a task or function; how did that make your life better?

As #GuidesforChange, we look at change holistically and how each facet of change can help organizations better be prepared for major shifts. Our Change Management Hub is dedicated to helping educate organizations about the many components of change and how they can use it to lead to better outcomes.

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Holistically Looking at Change

Change is not simple; in fact, there are many elements to change. Over the past 20 years, we’ve identified six core areas of change:

  • Information Management: This is an understanding of what information you have and what you need. Part of change is knowing what you can and should do with your data.
  • Project/Program Management: In order for your projects to be successful, you have to really manage them and their various components.
  • Security Management: Security for information, people, and processes is imperative to ensure your business can survive.
  • Process Management: Processes make information flow. Are yours streamlined, strong, and healthy to maximize ROI?
  • Organizational Change Management: Organizations that manage change succeed. Create change that works for you by looking at change holistically.
  • Performance Management: Know how to track the success of change. Get the best out of your people by knowing how to train and optimize performance.

Change requires management, communication, and process. It’s not always as simple as the task at hand.

#GuidesforChange Video Series

netlogx has a team of experts who guide our clients through change and what that looks like for their organizations. In our #GuidesforChange video series, you will hear helpful and actionable insights from the #netlogxteam, as well as things you can be doing today to navigate change more effectively.

Helpful Resources

On Time, On Budget, And On Task: The Role of a Project Coordinator

Life with a Project Coordinator Guide

What sets netlogx project management methods apart from others is a focus on results, driven by processes that are continually improved and that culminate in successful projects in the eyes of our stakeholders. Project coordinators are an important part of that, providing a sturdy foundation for more organized and cohesive work.

Learn what it looks like to be a project coordinator and how the role impacts a project.

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Back to Work Processes

Has your company implemented changes in its practices, policies, and physical work environment to facilitate a safe return to the workplace during this COVID-19 pandemic? If not, why not?

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How to Manage Change Toolkit

Business has changed, perhaps forever, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actions business leaders are taking today are going to affect their organization and employees during these unprecedented times and beyond. Now, more than ever is a time to become an innovative problem-solver to address these new unexpected challenges.

Use our Managing Change Toolkit to help your business thrive in a new normal. We are your #GuidesforChange.

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Restart Your Business Worksheet

The economic impact of the COVID-19 virus shutdowns to businesses has been staggering but now is the time to begin working toward the new normal. With the complete lockdown of some sectors and the changing business processes being required in others, it is now time to take stock in what you have and how it will be changed once this crisis starts to abate. netlogx has created a Restart Your Business Worksheet to help you get started.

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Managing Change Webinar [OnDemand]

In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical steps you can take to survive and thrive in this new economic climate
  • Ways to shift your mindset to position your business well now and in the future
  • How to restructure moving forward, including creating new business models
  • Why looking at processes can help provide clarity and how to use them to improve further
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Survive and Thrive

We are your guides to change. Find out how organizational change management can help your business thrive.

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