Change is no bad thing. Sometimes you need to change a lot of things, other times you only need to change a small amount.

To get a return on your investment though, you need to change the right things.

netlogx is here to give you the confidence to make changes that work. We guide you so that you’re in control.

Changes that don’t break any of your other processes save you time and money in the future. Otherwise the cost could be far greater further down the line.

Managing projects and managing risk

If you’ve ever been to a casino in Las Vegas or Reno, you’ll be familiar with the concept of risk.

It’s the probability of a good outcome after a situation, or a bad outcome after the same situation. There’s no way of knowing which it will be though.

Businesses face risks too, and it’s important that this risk is analyzed in the context of business opportunity.

Risk management does this by limiting the company’s exposure to an acceptable level of risk. It then takes action on the probability that the risk would occur, or the impact of the risk occurring, or both of these factors.

It’s all about as few adverse outcomes as possible balanced against achieving desirable ones: the prevention of certain things happening but also the assurance that other things will.

Our project and risk management services give you the power to manage your business, rather than your business managing you.

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netlogx approaches every project with a foundation of industry-accepted disciplines, standards, and our experience in delivering successful projects. The netlogx approach to project management is structured in alignment with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). While the triple constraints (time, cost, and scope) are important to every project, success also hinges on quality, benefits, and risks. A project that is managed to time, cost, and scope can still fall short of organizational expectations if quality, benefits, and risk are not also addressed and managed.

What sets netlogx project management methods apart from others is a focus on results, driven by processes that are continually improved and that culminate in projects that are viewed as successful in the eyes of our stakeholders. netlogx can help map out a clear plan to ensure the outcome meets the goals of your project. Our experienced Project Managers guide organizations throughout the entire lifecycle of our clients’ projects.

With our project and program services, we bring more to the table at netlogx:

  • Depth of skill: Our Project Managers offer a wide range of skills and experience to handle large, complex projects and programs.
  • Knowledge as consultants: Clients have a good idea of what they want, but they might not always know exactly what they need to get there. Whether we’re helping you define the project or creating a project plan, we help guide you from uncertainty to clarity.
  • Satisfaction over deliverables: Unlike other organizations, netlogx doesn’t consider the project or program finished once deliverables are complete, but rather once the client is satisfied.

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