The Beauty of Transferable Skills!

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Many people have asked me about the career path that has taken me from a supervisory position on an international helpdesk, to teaching mainstream secondary foreign languages, to my current role here at netlogx. Or viewed another way my journey from the North West of England, to Spain’s deepest, darkest Andalucía, to my current adventure [...]

People are honest. . .NOT!

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People are honest, except when it comes to phones, apparently. Symantec recently conducted a very interesting study into the weakest link in security – people. They did this by preparing 10 Smartphones to be “lost” by adding applications that would track what happened to the phones once they were found. They also made sure that [...]

Indianapolis Business Journal ranks netlogx as fast growing company

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It is with great humility that I share that netlogx was recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Indianapolis. The ranking was based on the percentage of revenue growth from fiscal years 2009 to 2011. As a small business we sought this opportunity as it provides an external [...]

Internet Passwords

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It’s about the security of everything you do. You will have read about the hacking of LinkedIn and the theft (because that’s what it is) of 6.5 million passwords. You will have gone in and changed your password on LinkedIn and you may have already forgotten it and had to change it again! You are [...]