I am here to share my experience, although not initially a good one, that I have had with taking notes.  In the beginning, it was thought to be quite a simple task.  Boy, oh boy was I wrong!  It was a never-ending, grueling process.  A process that brought me to tears (on occasion), made me want to quit my job, and those sheep you count when you can’t sleep…well let me just say, they were M.I.A.!   Who would have thought there were so many steps to note taking!  In the beginning, I was frustrated and overwhelmed.  When you take notes in the “netlogx fashion”, you are held to a higher standard.  After my tears and sleepless nights, a repeatable processes was created and encouragement poured in from my peers until I OWNED those notes.  You see, when I first began with netlogx, I held myself to a higher standard than most.  I could do anything, or so I thought….EXCEPT notes!  I beat myself up about these notes that I could not produce; acronyms galore, language I had never heard or even spoke for that matter, and endless reviews that I continuously berated myself over.  I never imagined, that one day, I would receive a set of notes with no corrections. The ultimate compliment and approval, but I DID IT!  After some hard work, determination, and a familiarity that grew over time, it clicked!  I actually knew what I was doing; and as weird as it may sound, I began to have a sense of pride in the notes that I was producing.  If I had just one thing to share, hang in there….it does get easier!