Congratulations to netlogx!! – a three-time winner of the Best Places to Work in Indiana!  Thank you, Nick and Audrey for living the netlogx operating principles every day to help make netlogx one of the Best Places to Work!  Your vision to create a culture in which team members develop their talents, lean on each other’s strengths, explore new opportunities and create client solutions empowers us to communicate and be accountable to each other so that we can become trusted advisors to our clients.  So, glad to be a part of such a great organization!

netlogx team members completed a survey provided by Best Companies Group, which handled the selection process and oversees similar programs in 29 other states. Our results are then shared anonymously with Audrey and Nick Taylor. They use this feedback to provide improvements and enhancements each year at netlogx.

So….with all this success, you may ask, how do we stay on the “List”?  Some may say, team  member surveys will help determine needs and wants of your staff and to find out what is important to them.  However, netlogx takes it a step further and offers AMA (Ask Me Anything) which allows team members to meet directly with the managing partner, Audrey to discuss “anything”.  Although netlogx is privately held and is not required to share facts and figures with staff, it provides quarterly company meetings to update team members on the status of netlogx.

Beyond this, netlogx also offers a Wellness Reimbursement program for up to $100 a year, generous vacation and parental leave policies, and semi annual corporate outings. With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that netlogx is a returning visitor to the Best Places to Work in Indiana list!

Other enhancements include:  this year related specifically to the BPTW Awards Dinner. We upped our game regarding our attire.  Audrey and Nick (our fearless leaders) wore green superhero capes with the 19 year netlogx logo on it and masks.  Team members wore green hats with the 19 year netlogx logo, sunglasses and our foam fingers. #Greenspirit was alive on Tuesday, May 2, the night of the dinner.

It was a great experience for all of us at the 2017 BPTW Awards Dinner. The energy in the room was filled with excitement, and it was tons of fun being amongst all the celebration. Personally, the highlight of the night was bonding with all of my colleagues, and celebrating the fact that we work for one of the best companies in Indiana!


It was just as exciting this third time as it was the first time netlogx was selected.   It’s always a great feeling to be part of a winning team and, I think, reaffirms the decision made to join a company to find out it has been selected as a Best Places to Work.

The evening was filled with positive energy. A ballroom full of people that are excited about what they do and how to make the place most people spend the majority of their adult lives, their work, a better place. I felt honored to be part of the group and part of the netlogx team.

It was incredible to both see all of the amazing work companies are doing around the city, and take time to appreciate how progressive and supportive netlogx has been to all of our employees. It made me appreciate how our company operates as a team. We take care of each other and foster a community of support. I could not be happier to be a part of this team!

Check out the Indiana Chamber’s press release.